Proof reading cost

proof reading cost

Proofread My Essay believes that, when it comes to pricing, what you see should be what you get. That is why we never charge extra for returning your work to. We guarantee your document will be proofread and returned to you within a maximum time of 96 hours. The fee is charged at £ per word of the original. Every written work should be proofread before it reaches its intended audience. With the many proofreading services available on the internet, there is no reason. However, I cannot even proofread twice as many words per hour as I can translate. While literary geniuses are free to flout style conventions, we mere mortals must adhere to them. But if I do take this job which I do feel somewhat obliged to do as before I think I am going to charge the full rate because to proofread that many words in an hour seems like quite an ask, even to somebody who's never proofread before! We also accept cheque payments. Recent posts FAQ Rules Moderators Article knowledgebase. I want to know the normal. You can send us your document by clicking. Even though one is "proofreading" I believe that sometimes they are actually re-translating Thanks for the links GoodWord Casino free play bonuses Jo I couldn't agree more, however the client in this case was not happy to pay for my so called re-translating. Others, like Scribendi, break their services into categories. Register a new account. Yes there are standards, and there aren't Jun 26, Juandavinci wrote: Recommended minimum rates for proofreading and editing. We compete on quality. Aug 1, Hi Diana, you didn't mention whether the agency requested you to either take a speed-reading test or to provide the certificate of one bookofra /app completed. Although speeds vary, the following guidelines may be useful: Aug 3, Everything that has been said is very interesting and useful, thank you I have to admit that I'm somewhat dubious about the 2, words per hour. Create a course Manage a course About trainers. Here are some suggestions for avoiding the kinds of mistakes that good proofreaders will catch: There are some clients I simply do not proofread for - they will not pay realistic rates, and I would simply refuse to work for 5 pounds per thousand words. Kirstie Anders October 20, at 9: There are, however, two exemptions that will apply to many of our customers: How do I get a quote? Conni Eversull February 21, at 3: Since some proofreaders charge by the hour, by the page, or by the word, price comparisons can be simply impossible. March Please note: proof reading cost

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Copy editing and proof reading For more information on payment methods, see below. Unless you must earn money now, you could either quote your rate or turn the job down. What is the normal rate for proofreading per word and hour? What should I charge for copywriting work? Privacy - Print page. I was told the number of hours were 3 times the normal amount.


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